Business Services


Benchmarking can be used by a business to see how they are comparing to their competition; this is used by the ATO to see how a business measures up against others in the same industry. Bragg Tax & Accounting will use this tool to analyse key performance indicators in your industry.


Bookkeeping puts an enormous strain on any business. The team at Bragg Tax & Accounting will relieve you and your staff of such a burden and will provide your business with a control and monitoring tool that enables performance efficiency.

 Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting

Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasting are an important part of business management. Bragg Tax & Accounting will ensure your business has a healthy budget as part of its business plan, which can also be used if required as part of a finance application in the future.

 Business Start up

At Bragg Tax & Accounting, we advise clients on a broad range of issues that should be taken into consideration when purchasing or starting up a new business: best structure to use and business registration requirements, how to establish a working relationship with your bank, assist with software set-up and record keeping, and outline taxation and business requirements.

 Business Review & Succession Planning

A significant part of running a successful business, is being able to review, analyse and improve the existing structure. Bragg Tax & Accounting will help with reviewing any new business ventures and will establish a well-designed succession plan to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Proactive accounting

Irrespective of what stage your business is at, the team will work with you to ensure you have the right business knowledge to start off, take advantage of dynamic growth phases, or overcome times of enduring financial difficulties.

 Software solutions

At Bragg Tax & Accounting, we invest time into ongoing staff training to ensure our team offers the best and most current accounting software solutions for your business. We work closely with clients and their staff on the journey to discovering how helpful the right accounting software can be for their business.

 Contractor Reporting

For those businesses in the Building and Construction Industry, total payments made to each contractor for services across the year must be recorded and reported. Helping you with who is required to, and what you need to report to the ATO, Bragg Tax & Accounting will make this process easier for your business.

 QBCC Reporting

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) supports the growing Queensland community, providing information, advice and regulation to ensure the maintenance of proper building standards, and remedies for defective building work. The team at Bragg Tax & Accounting helps clients with their application, renewal and any updates from the QBCC.

 Payroll Tax

All employers (or group of employers) who employ in Queensland and have Australian taxable wages that exceed the payroll threshold of $1.1 million a year need to pay a Queensland Payroll Tax. Bragg Tax & Accounting will assist your business with meeting the registration and reporting requirements of the Office of State Revenue (OSR).


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