Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting allows businesses to connect with their bank; collaborate with their accountant, bookkeeper and staff; and see how their business is doing financially, through the provision of real-time cash position on any internet-connected device. With the ease of creating, sending and tracking invoices, Cloud Accounting can also help you get paid faster.

The team at Bragg Tax & Accounting attend regular information and training sessions, webinars and roadshows for the four major Cloud Accounting software providers: MYOB, XERO, Reckon and QuickBooks; and can therefore help guide your business in selecting the best and most suitable package.

As Cloud Accounting packages become more affordable, any business, regardless of size, can benefit from what Cloud Accounting has to offer. Many software providers offer 30 day free trials, so you can have a look at and trial their product extensively before making a final decision to purchase. Our team will help guide you through the initial set up and offer ongoing technical support.

Using Cloud Accounting software ensures there is only one live business file, so Bragg Tax & Accounting will have access to real time data and will have the ability to make adjustments as required. This means there is no longer a need to put your business data file on hold while our team reviews, makes changes, and returns the file to you. Updates are also automated, so there is no risk of using old tax rates when processing payroll.

The team at Bragg Tax & Accounting can demonstrate to you the many benefits to being online with Cloud Accounting.