Why Have a SMSF

SMSFs are established for the sole purpose of providing financial benefits to members and their beneficiaries in retirement. Self-managed superfunds operate in much the same way as other types of superfunds. The trustees hold the assets of the superfund for the benefit of the members. In a self-managed superfund the members, also being the trustees, hold the assets of the superfund and have an active role in the management of the superfund. As the members hold the assets, they have complete security, control and flexibility over their superannuation.

The team at Bragg Tax & Accounting can help you with all your SMSF needs. We can take care of the Superfund set-up, administration and reconciliation of your SMSF’s transaction data, annual year-end accounts, tax return, annual audit of the SMSF by an approved auditor and obtaining of an actuarial certificate where required.

At Bragg Tax and Accounting we do not place restrictions on service providers for self-managed superfunds. This means the superfund may bank through the financial institutions of its choice, trade through the broker of its choice and invest through their preferred channels, providing the members with complete control to meet their financial goals for retirement.